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Il Pane Association

The association was founded in November 2021 with the aim of helping refugees enter the labour market in Switzerland by offering tailor-made training in baking and cooking workshops as well as mentoring programmes, especially for women and young people. 

Our motto is "Bread is gold, bread is dignity". We want to support refugees, give them back their dignity as human beings, respect their values and promote their growth here in Switzerland.

Founded by 3 members, the association currently has 6 members. In partnership with other associations, we have organised events to support women in Afghanistan, two orientation workshops on baking with sourdough and two information evenings for the pilot project.  Our team is made up of women with a migration background. Grazia, the president, is Italian, has a bachelor's degree in Arabic language and Islamic studies and a master's degree as a mediator in the Middle East, Aresu is a Swiss woman of Afghan origin who is actively involved in integration work, Ines is a German with a passion for bread and culture and Rania is Sirian and works as a translator for newly arrived refugees in Switzerland.

See our Foundation protocol and Articles of Associaton here. 

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Partnership and support

Mühlerama Museum

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Our main partner is the Mūhlerama Museum in Zurich, a baking museum dedicated to the history of grain milling and bread baking. 

The museum is located next to the oldest mill in Zurich in Tiefenbrunnen neighbourhood.  The museum regularly hosts groups from the Asylum in Zûrichl for workshops and events and is very interested in running a more effective program for refugees to integrate smoother in Zurich.

Die Cuisine Cooperative


Die Cuisine is a co-operative of companies and professionals who value the sustainability of the food system.

DieCuisine is aware of the impact of food production and is committed to better practices in the food chain and food supply. The cooperative supports our association as part of the programme as we share similar values in terms of a sustainable food chain on the one hand and the sustainability and integration of migrants and refugees on the other.


Bibi Safran

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Bibi Safran is working to empower Afghani women by growing and selling Afghan saffron to Swiss markets. The profits are reinvested in our suppliers, helping them to produce superior quality saffron, renting equipment, and growing their business. Together with Afghan women, we stand up for their rights and their jobs! Aresu, the founder of Bibisafran, is a very important mediator and link to refugees community here on switzerland. 

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