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Artisan Baking Program for Migrants and Refugees

This course for refugees as artisan bakers aims to build a basic knowledge about fermentation, baking with sourdough, planning production lines while improving German skills. The whole program will focus on fermented bread with sourdough or mix leavening, outsourcing local ingredients and sustainable practice in baking. Focus target will be sharing knowledge and recalling memories from the refugees background and childhood. In the last module, we will invite them to share their own bread and formula. We are aiming to create a network between refugees and Swiss professionals, empowering them and building up confidence.


Target group 

The course is aimed at migrants, recognised displaced persons, temporarily admitted persons and adult refugees from third countries, regardless of their residence status. The target group includes men and women between the ages of 18 and 50 who are resident in the Canton of Zurich and have a basic knowledge of German at A1-A2 level.


The Pilot program includes 7 women and 6 men aged between 20 and 50 who come from various countries such as Afghanistan, China, Iran, Turkey, Burundi and Venezuela.

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